In life, as we get older not everything works to perfection. We can't run as fast as we used to.  We can't jump as high as we used to.  We can't remember everything as quickly as we used to. We can't figure things out as fast as we used to.  Some things need a little assistance.  Our eyes may need glasses. Our knees or hips may need to be replaced. Our hearing may need a hearing aid. The reason for this is simple we use them and through that continuous usage and sometimes over-usage they are worn down. What can we say about where we are in life? are we worn down because of what we did or didn't do? Are we worn down because of what we heard or were told? Did we take action that was detrimental to our journey?

When we look at our lives we don't often think about our usage. At some point, we need to think about the tools that we use (computers, phones, tablets, etc.), the people that we pour into, and the people that we allow to pour into us.  The question that we should be asking is what are we listening to and what is the toll that all of this plays on us.  Are those things/people helping us accomplish our desires and dreams or are those things simply distractions?

Once you decide what your goals and objectives are take a moment to determine who your influencers are. Take a few moments to determine if your voice inside, saying "I can do it", is louder than those outside. Are you your biggest cheerleader? Determine if those who are attempting to assist and invest in you are really trying to do so or are they just there saying words to make themselves feel better. When someone comes to assist you to ask yourself why are they there.  Are they there to be your savior or are they there to pour some of their knowledge and wisdom looking for nothing in return. Some people want to see you win, while others want to see you where you are or even fail.

Here are a few steps that can help you get to your destination or get your goals accomplished: Step 1-Talk less and listen more, Step 2-Listen to your biggest cheerleader (even if they are critical), Step 3-Stop listening to people that can't see what you see, Step 4-Listen to the small voice in head/heart that tells you, you can make it, Step 5-Keep reaching for better.

We don't know everything and we don't always know what to do and where to go, however, we have lots of tools and skills inside that we need to utilize. Remember, every journey starts with a single step. Let's get to stepping.