When you look at your life, ask yourself who cares? Who cares about things related to you? Who cares that you didn't get promoted? Who cares that you had someone in your family pass away? Who cares that your child is underachieving and behaving poorly.  Who cares that you are having relational issues. Who cares that you are dealing with major personal issues.  Who cares about anything going on with you?

When you are asking who cares take a moment and look around and see who is always standing in your corner giving advice; encouraging; standing along your side; building you up; listening to your thoughts and concerns, and helping you along your journey.  Even if you feel that no one understands your pain or understands your perspective or even cares,  keep stepping.

Place one foot in front of the other understanding that you are one step closer to your goal, one step closer to your healing, one step closer to your promotion, one step closer to a better relationship, one step closer to your deliverance.

Just because you don't see someone standing there doesn't mean that no one is there.  There are individuals watching you from afar and up close that are cheering for your success.  Those people are wanting to see you in a better position.  They have seen you in the future and you are amazing.  Its time to take those necessary steps to achieve and overcome those challenges.  Take those steps to better.  Take those steps towards your destiny. Quiet the noise, listen to those who are cheering you to success (even if your voice is the only voice cheering).  Remember every journey starts with a single step. Let's get to stepping.