Men are important and special and kind and good-hearted and smart and thoughtful and resilient and brilliant and loving and so many other things.  But rarely do you hear a man being referred to as sensitive.  Men are incredibly sensitive, but that sensitivity oftentimes goes unnoticed. Most people associate sensitivity with weakness.  Sensitivity simply says that a person is in tune with the world that they are in and the people that are in their sphere.

An example is that men are responsible for providing for their families; taking care of their wife to ensure that she is safe, healthy, and happy; raising and imparting knowledge and wisdom to their children, and making sure that everything in their sphere of influence is taken care of. Men are often criticized for what they fail to do but not celebrated for their successes.  But when you ask a man how is life he tells them that everything is ok.  OK is simply a lie.  He has to say that or he may collapse under the weight of all that he is carrying.

The unfortunate thing is that he may not know that he is under an enormous amount of stress.  He may not understand that he is under pressure responsible for getting the promotion at work and paying the bills and being a good dad and so many other things... because that is what our society demands that we are strong and conquer every challenge we face.

Who asks the man if he needs help? Who asks him if he is tired and needs a breather? Who asks if the men are ok? Who is concerned about the men? Mental health matters.

When you get an opportunity, look the man in your life in the face, smile then tell him that you appreciate him. Tell him that he is valued.  Tell him that you care.  Encourage him that he is not alone.  By taking these simple steps, he may stop lying about his life and how he feels.  Let help him stop.  Remember every journey starts with a single step. Let's get to stepping.