College and Career Coaching

College Coaching

  • Expanded self-awareness of the impact Type has on your learning, communication style, and interactions with others.
  • Getting the best from your written and oral communication style in class or on a team.
  • Adopting a common language to better self-advocate with instructors, parents, and peers.
  • Knowledge of time management preferences with targeted strategies.
  • A more focused and successful career search process and outcome.
  • Access to tools to more clearly and confidently invent your career, optimizing your strengths, talents and best-fit preferences.


Career Coaching

  • Successful Career Invention or Reinvention at Any Age
  • What's involved in Launching Your Career Transition: Reboot or Tweak?
  • How to Tap Into Your Career Pathway with Purpose
  • Navigating through a Forced or Passion-Driven Reinvention 
  • Mastering the Interview: Virtual and In-Person
  • Salary Negotiations That Leave Everyone Feeling Good – especially YOU